33rd Anniversary More Than 3 Decades of Making a Difference for Latino Students


BECA mentoring

BECA's mentoring program provides a sustained relationship of adult support for the success of promising Latino students. Both getting into college and later graduating, completing college can be challenging in many ways. The three most common challenges include: 1) academic preparation; 2) financing the education; and 3) having a role model. Many Latino students often face greater challenges coming from an environment where English is not the primary language. Other factors may include that the student's family may not be familiar with the school system and the preparatory stages for continued education. Through continued involvement, the Mentor offers, guidance and assistance as the student goes through a period of facing new challenges. The Mentor's role is critical for the success of every student who has the opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning.

Mentor's Role
  • Help improve the student's overall academic achievements.
  • Assist in communication skills with professors, administrators and fellow students.
  • Help develop the necessary skills to enter or continue on a career path.
  • Provide support during times of personal/ social stress and guidance for decision making.
  • Support the student in difficult academic times and cheer on successes.
  • Encourage the student to stay on course toward a four-year degree.
  • Boost morale when the student seems to be slipping into academic problems.

BECA strives to match Students to a Mentor accomplished and knowledgeable in a field similar to that which the student is pursuing. Potential Mentors are recruited from various sources, i.e. businesses, corporations, schools, as well as, neighborhood citizens. Communicating with the student may be through the mail, telephone, email or personal contact.

Nothing can quite match the self satisfaction you get from motivating and sharing your experiences to help others., Be a positive influence in the life of a successful student and make that a Gift to Yourself!