33rd Anniversary More Than 3 Decades of Making a Difference for Latino Students


BECA revels in the success stories of graduates. It has accomplished what it has set out to do in l984 - Make a Difference. Gift Giving, is often demonstrated as a sign of happiness in one's achievement. If you believe in BECA's purpose and accomplishments, your contribution will be money well spent. To help educate our Latino population is a good investment and can only bring prosperity to our communities and our Nation as a whole. Every gift whatever the amount is greatly appreciated!

BECA is grateful to a base of support from individuals, businesses, corporations, etc. Unfortunately, every year BECA has a great number of students in search of financial aid that must be turned away due to the lack of available funds. With the cost of tuition steadily rising and during these "trying times" ...

Now more than ever you must be purposeful and thoughtful about charitable giving!
Scholarship Suggested Levels of Support
Sponsor A Scholar Program

Minimum $1000 per year - An opportunity for corporations, businesses, organizations, individuals to endow a four year scholarship under their name.

Your Contributions at Work

"Gift Giving" has often been demonstrated as a sign of demonstrating happiness in one's achievements. What better gift can you give yourself than to know that you have been or want to be a part of BECA’s accomplishments for years to come.

BECA's Scholarship Program is sustained by committed funds, and contributions from various individuals, corporations and businesses that have realized the benefits to Latino students by their generosities.

If you support what The BECA Foundation is accomplishing for the greater good of our communities, you might want to consider any of the following Gift suggestions. All Gifts, no matter the size, are most appreciated and help BECA sustain what it set out to do and wants to accomplish for years to come.

Consider the following ...
Annual Gift

An annual gift is tax deductible and can be designated as a gift in recognition of an individual(s) or as a memorial gift.

Endowment Interest Income

You can direct your annual gift be placed in an Endowment Fund, the principal of which is invested, with the interest income allotted to annual scholarships.

Deferred Gifts

A charitable bequest through your will. Such gifts also include charitable annuities and trusts, which provide income to the donor during the owner’s lifetime and life insurance arrangements. This gift can provide tax savings to the donor.

Permanent Legacy Gift

A special named scholarship to recognize an individual, family, institution, etc. that has left an inspiration and/or legacy to be remembered.