33rd Anniversary More Than 3 Decades of Making a Difference for Latino Students



In 1984, The BECA Scholarship Foundation (BECA), which means "scholarship," was realized as a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit organization. This accomplishment due to the committed efforts of Co-Founders: Joe Costa, Bill Dominguez, Dr. Fred Huber, Dr. John MacDonald, David Martinez, Ted Marioncelli, Al Mendoza, Thomas Missettt, Jack Port, Judge Victor Ramirez, and David Ronquillo, Esq. Organizing the Foundation was the role of Manuel Valdez, MPH, employed at NCC as Administrative Assistant to the Director. David Martinez never forgot his roots and continued to support BECA's Mission. In memory of Mr. David Martinez and his Co-Founders BECA supporters reveled in witnessing the success stories enabled by The Foundation. The Foundation's purpose is to seek out students of Latino descent and provide them with the necessary financial assistance, moral support and guidance to complete their education, thereby promoting higher educational and leadership standards within the community.


Since 1984, over 830 awards have been allocated to students totaling approximately $1.8 million. BECA's focus continues to be the importance of mentoring to assure success. Past recipients can now be found in various job markets having pursued a wide range of careers.

The Currivan

During the 25th anniversary a special remembrance and thank you to Edward and Mary Currivan, who in 1989, expressed their commitment to the purpose of BECA by enabling the stability of the foundation. They will always be a part of the BECA family through the Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Endowment.

Board of Directors